A kazuno small leaf shaped tray by Imai Ohshin

Oshin worked in Kyoto and was one of the finest artists creating burl wood okimono, trays and scepters for sencha tea ceremony. His work generally reveals a subject hidden in a natural form, such as a piece of burl wood, and the artist achieves a perfect harmony between the natural and the artificial, carved aspects. The world of sencha tea enjoyed a great flowering from the beginning of the Meiji era until the Pacific War. In this tradition, Oshin's work stands out as one of the most brilliant. He moved with his wife to Kita-Kyushu in the 1940s, when the destruction of war took with it the world that had supported his work. His last years were spent living on the charity of friends in exchange for pieces of his art.

size 16cm-10cm-3cm(h)

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