February 2012ARCHIVE

It's a virtuoso work. I could not suppress a grunt of admiration when I saw the work.  This work is carved by one piece of wood. There are no joints. And please see the ring hundle. It is carved like real iron hundle.

The Masanao carvers of Ise were famous for their netsuke carving. These artists seldom worked on the larger scale of okimono. Their carvings of frogs and animals were beautifully rendered and infused with a life-like realism.

size 26-23-34(h)cm  with original signed box. Signed on the bottom ''Masanao''.

sub1.jpg sub2.jpg sub3.jpg sub4.jpg

Naoto Tabata is very hopeful artist in the ceramics world.

I could not believed that the work is Kutani-ware at see for the first time.
His elegant work is unbelievable. He have to calculate after baked condition. Chenging color, shrinking, breaking.

He must be contemporary ''Miyagawa Kozan''.

56-15.5-11(h) cm