A lacquer Sake bottle imitating old iron tea kettle by Wakamiya Takashi

The first photograph shows an actual iron tea kettle and a lacquered piece side by side. You cannot tell which is the real item until you pick them up and compare their weight. It is an amazing example of lacquer art. The detailed texture of the iron, the bronze lid, and the rust on the mouth have all been exquisitely reproduced with lacquer. When the lid is opened to show the insides, Raden decorations and a shiny deep black lacquer welcome you to a completely different world from the exterior. Working together with Mr. Wakamiya of the Hikojyu Makie group, this project required one year to craft the wooden base, and another year to apply the lacquer. We show heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Wakamiya of the Hikojyumakie group for his willingness to commit to an incredible task and his alacrity in re-starting from scratch so many times to pursue perfection. This work of art has been planned from the start to have a second and third edition, each with their own story. The second edition will show the iron kettle 100 years from now, and the third edition will depict the kettle 100 years after the second edition. Each will use lacquer to express the flow of time and the gracefully aging beauty of the kettle. (Second edition to be completed in summer 2017)
size 16.5cm-14cm-21.5cm(h)
It is owned by Museum 50 in Taiwan.

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